Friday, May 18, 2012

New Saddle

Of all the things we do in our shop, making saddles is one John greatly enjoys. He only has time to do one or two a year but it is a fun break for him from holsters which he can do in his sleep. The one pictured below was made for a lady named Chris who keeps her pretty little Palomino mare at the same place John does. Chris had a bad experience with a saddle maker in Northern Nevada ( I won't mention any names) who took her deposit of $2000.00 and disappeared. John made up for her negative experience as he not only did a great job on the saddle and matching breast collar but delivered the saddle 4 months early! She was so elated and took it out for a test drive today. She is thrilled with the way the saddle fits both her and her horse. I think by making a few saddles every year or so John will leave a legacy of sorts behind. I think we all want to do that but few of us have much talent. I am really proud of John's skill and hope you enjoy the photos.

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