Friday, May 18, 2012

New Saddle

Of all the things we do in our shop, making saddles is one John greatly enjoys. He only has time to do one or two a year but it is a fun break for him from holsters which he can do in his sleep. The one pictured below was made for a lady named Chris who keeps her pretty little Palomino mare at the same place John does. Chris had a bad experience with a saddle maker in Northern Nevada ( I won't mention any names) who took her deposit of $2000.00 and disappeared. John made up for her negative experience as he not only did a great job on the saddle and matching breast collar but delivered the saddle 4 months early! She was so elated and took it out for a test drive today. She is thrilled with the way the saddle fits both her and her horse. I think by making a few saddles every year or so John will leave a legacy of sorts behind. I think we all want to do that but few of us have much talent. I am really proud of John's skill and hope you enjoy the photos.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sale Gun Leather and Cowboy Gear

I am sure you are wondering if we ever have a sale...
Each time an item appears on our web site for sale it means we had to make one up to photograph. Sometimes those items were just orders for customers so they are not available from stock. Other times John will make up an item just to add it to our already huge selection. When he does that it means that the item is probably here in our inventory.

We only do a few shows a year where we have the opportunity to move inventory as it rarely happens that we would have the right color, size or pattern available for a customer order.

If you are interested in something on our web site and would like immediate delivery and a nice discount just email or call us and we can tell you if that item is available from stock.

Chance and John

I finally made it out to the Horseman's Association with my camera to take some photos of John and Chance and the progress they are both making.  Chance is young and John is really starting over since it has been about 17 years since his last horse George.  With the help of his trainer Jose Martinez both Chance and John are getting a lot of schooling.

We are not sure who started Chance but they did a wonderful job as he is not shy and so willing to please.   You can throw a slicker on his head, play with his ears, pick up his front hoof and he will pick up the other 3 without asking.  He will stand by a fence if you need a boost to get on (he is at least 15.5 hands already and still growing! 

John and Jose have been teaching him not to fear anything such as the barrels (which are not his friends) but that he is getting to know.  John works with a rope around his head, under his belly and just about everywhere except under his tail so far.  Chance likes the rope. John isn't planning on roping or barrel racing but you never know when a barrel might show up to scare the heck out of you.

Today John and 4 of his pals from the barn took a ride out of the Wee Thump Forest (no joke!)  It is a beautiful Joshua Tree forest, just out of Searchlight NV. It is actually a trail head leading in to the McCollough Mountains that sort of divide the El Dorado Valley from Las Vegas.  They are wild and beautiful and not overrun with people.  They say there are wild cows up there that have been there for at least 10 years and we have seen the sign (cow patties.) 

They took off at 6:30 this morning and were going to stop at the Casino in Searchlight for breakfast.  It is the only place on earth that still has coffee for 10 cents a cup!  Maybe it's .25 cents now with inflation but it is fun to go there just so you can honestly say you drank a cup of coffee almost for free.  I am sure they will ride for 4 or 5 hours before returning to the trucks and trailers for sandwiches that Bobbi our Cuban friend brought.

Is this a good life or what?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beautiful Boulder City

I forget sometimes how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful place as Boulder City Nevada.  Today I was out in the yard sitting on my bench with my face in the sun  finishing my book.  There aren't a lot of places you can do that on the last day of January.  I realize this is a mild Winter but it's this way most years. 

Boulder City is about 30 miles South East of Las Vegas and a world away.  It is a small, conservative town with a few thousand people and 11 parks.  We have more parks in our little town than most big cities.  We are also only a few minutes from Hoover Dam.  The dam is the reason our town is here and it is truly a wondrous thing to see.  The newest place to take your family and visitors to see is the new bypass bridge that traverses Black Canyon just about a quarter mile South of the dam.  It is one of the highest bridges over water in world and the view is killer.  Check out the photos we took on one of our visits to the bridge.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 High School Rodeo Championships

We are so lucky to have a great horse facility here in Boulder City.  It is home to over 400 horses, about 50 steers, probably that many chickens, roosters, dogs and cats too.  Boulder City Horseman's Association includes a three nice arenas, several round pens and even a snack shop with great burgers.  It is also where the local High School Rodeo Team practices and has their annual State Championship Finals at the end of the year.

We have set up a small booth out there when we can and have met some great kids and their parents from all over the state.  We run into parents and grandparents who came into our store in Bishop because we were the closest good store to places like Tonapah and Fish Lake Valley.  It is very low key and just great fun to see all the kids trying to do their best.

We like to get all of our tack and horse related items out for people to see as we know their is no substitute for seeing a product in person. We find a lot of the regulars come by to see our tack and make purchases or drop off repair work.

Even though the weather is cool in the late Fall it is wonderful to sit in the sun and be a part of this great event.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Our wonderful son and his lovely wife are moving 7 hours away to Reno NV.  We will miss them so much!

We get along great with our kids and as far as our social life goes it mostly includes them.  We have spent almost every holiday together and a few unbelievable weekend camping trips in Northern NV. I can't remember having a falling out with our kids even once. 

Daly who is as smart as Einstein received an amazing job offer at UNR where she will be doing what she does best.  Don't ask me what it is as it is "technical" which leaves me totally lost. 

Johnny we hope will start up his bicycle fitting business in Reno and continue to do what he likes best.

You have no idea how difficult it is to see them go, but we are trying to be grown-ups here.  I know we will be going to the Reno Gun Show a lot more often and of course visit whenever we can.  We miss them already but wish them luck and happiness in their exciting new venture.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fine Western Tack

If you are looking for really nice western tack you can find it on our web site  Our main line of Tack is California Equine Specialties, formerly Champion Turf Equipment in Los Angeles CA.  The employees purchased the company last year and are continuing to produce the same high quality tack under the new name. 

If you like "fancy" as well as functional, we have beautiful rawhide reins and romals, quirts and even riatas.  Our silver bits and spurs include the entire Les Vogt line and also Garcia.  Les Vogt is 15 time Reining Horse Champion and knows a thing or two about bits.

Bling is not our thing at Western Star Leather as you can see by our leather products. We do appreciate fine quality hand engraved silver accents with function and reliability as our goal. 

I am looking forward to getting some photos of Chance under full saddle tacked out in his finery.